Easy Freezer reusable bag cart insert
The most practical reusable shopping bag designed for the real world of day-to-day shopping just got better again.  This carry all tote fits metal and plastic shopping carts and is a fully insulated thermal cooler bag.  It expands to 21” long x 13” wide x 16” deep and two bags will fit into the shopping cart.  The cooler bag is 13” long x 13” wide x 4” deep and a zipper closer to help keep frozen or chilled items cold until you get home.  It’s an economical way to reduce your usage of plastic shopping bags, and carry your purchases from the shopping cart to your automobile or transit vehicle.  After emptying your purchases at home, it rolls up into 14” long x 6” diameter.  Keep a couple in every car and you’ll appreciate how easy using a shopping cart can be, and how few plastic shopping bags you’ll accumulate or time.
Item #23104


Price $14.95