34L Shopping Kaddy

The Original 34L KADDY adds a degree of freedom to shoppers.  The spacious 9 gallon carrier weighs only 3 lb and can be comfortably carried by its handle.  As you begin selecting items and placing them into the KADDY, you may find that it is becoming a little heavy.  Placing the KADDY on the floor and extending its telescopic handle allows you to roll the carrier on its wheels.  Now you can continue shopping in comfort, all the while keeping your hands free to peruse items and read labels.

At the checkout, simply unload the KADDY of your purchases for the cashier, and replace them back into the carrier after paying.  Roll the KADDY to the parking lot or transit stop.  Once home, roll the KADDY inside and empty it of your purchases.  Unlike reusable shopping bags that tend to be forgotten or misplaced, the KADDY can be placed at your front door or back into your car ready for your next shopping trip.

The engineered lightweight and durable construction is rated for 55 lbs of cargo.  Its solid rubber wheels on plated steel axles and aluminum telescopic handle are corrosion resistant.  The KADDY has been independently tested for strength, fatigue and corrosion, and will be a reliable carrier for all your uses.

Item #34L0125


Price $28.62